The Dance Flow


Kind Dancers all, Fall begins to call

Let us move with the Rhythm of the Leaves

Here and there and everywhere

Letting go to the Earth as she receives

The air a little colder, our bodies somewhat older

Yet our desire to dance still warm and strong

Let’s celebrate the harvest remembering we are just

Sentient animals growing with the Song

So as Autumn nears let us Dance my Dears

In whatever way really moves you

The beauty of the Flow is we don’t really know

where the Music will take us to

Some will find their bliss but it’s not all like this

The Dance Floor accepts what’s in your Heart

From Rhythms Five to Forties Jive

Dancing is the Human being art

Being truly present is far more than pleasant

For me it lights up my very way

Dancing such a gift to purely uplift

Our Spirits with our Bodies every day

Dancing Wolf

Sept 16, 2011