Answer The Bell

Answer The Bell

The leaves take to the breeze as summer takes a bow

Autumn steps forward once again

She calls us to remember the gifts we have been given

She calls us through the wind and the rain

She beckons with her coolness, from the earth and sky she sings

multiple harmonies abound

Let the choir of my whole being bring forth a worthy song

united in such a healing sound

The harmony of Gratitude moves forth from my heart

to give loving service through these hands

The harmony of Truthfulness moves from my calming mind

as my conscience asks me to take a stand

The Harmony of Healthiness moves through this blessed body

and sings to each and every cell

The Harmony of Wisdom moves without moving

beckoning to me like a belll

The Harmony of Spirit moves through It All, and all is moved

 removing even the madness of my mask

Without that weight upon my senses I surely lighten up

and hear the Sacred Song calling me to task

Singing strong and clear to all that I hold dear 

I ask humbly for my Higher Self to rise

Fondly she looks at me and gently points to my heart

singing dear one it is you who must fly your skies


                   Soon my song is singing me, much love I have heard  

and all because of Autumn’s sharing

Let Go like a leafand fall into your grief

  and remember who's face it is you're wearing

Dancing Wolf
 October 4, 2003