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                         About Dancing Wolf and Art Of The Heart

Welcome and thanks for perusing my website 

    I built this site primarily as an opportunity to offer my services, as a freelance poet and artist, to people interested in adding an unusual element in the celebratory recording, the creative detailing of their Special Events, Sacred Spaces, Gardens, Homes, etc.

    For 45 years I have been writing and reciting poetry in or around the green edges of Victoria, B.C. and now live on Cortes Island.  I love weaving words into emotional tapestries that tickle and tease and tell the truth. I also like taking poetic license and leaving the well traveled road of reason for meadows of the moment,  hillsides of happenstance and filling my back pack with possibility along the way.

        Poems are more mysterious than most photographs and while it is true that a picture can tell a thousand words, it is equally true that a thousand words can tell a story that delights or otherwise moves the reader, especially if it reflects on something wondrous or monumental in their lives.

    My relationship with art happened much more recently than poetry or photography. Making posters for Community events in the mid 90's I rediscovered a love for colour and shape and symmetry and it's opposite that I had found 20 years prior through landscaping. Soon after I was incorporating my photos into the art.  This was soon followed by designing and creating Altars, Standing Art and Creative Installations made from stone, foliage, cloth, wood, water, other natural materials and man made objects.

     I can write words that will speak to your Spirit, confirm compassion, delight descendants, honour your Ancestors, reinforce the facets of the felt within you. I can craft poems about almost anything........your garden, his library, your grandmother, their wedding, your dreams, her benevolence, your niece's reggae band, the old neighbourhood before it's all gone, etc loving etc.

    All this to say if you want something unique, beyond what a still or video camera can capture, if you agree that a poem can draw from taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing and experiencing, if you want to enlist the nuances of language and art to help potentiate the magic of memory lane, then perhaps I can be of service to you. 

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                         In Gratitude To Our Muses

 Dancing Wolf