Art of The Heart


A Precious Desire

A Precious Desire

 A voice too young for most words
Called out with infant speech
Asking his mom about the birds
Almost within his reach

As a neighbour I have heard Reise
Hone his articulation
Been somewhat privy to the release
Of his periodic frustration

Over the years I have grown to admire
His parent’s patience and trust
One born from a precious desire
For a world loving and just

In their back garden under the oaks
I have heard father and son at play
The gentle way Rob jokes
Not condescending in any way

One call tell much about another
Watching their children interact
Reise is blessed to have a mother
Who knows life is not a matter of fact

Like a painter who’s canvas is full
Or a poet running out of page
The mystery of life will push and pull
Us into our “coming of age”

Birthdays aren’t a measure of that
but they are a measure of time
And yours a chance to tip my hat
And say thanks to you in rhyme

Thanks for being gentle neighbours

Dancing Wolf
May 20, 2012